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Bruce stepped closer to me and whispered, “Look, I love your mother.  We get along and have a great time together.  She’s beautiful inside and out.  But when it comes to my sexually urges, I need something more.  I know it may not make sense to you because you are young, but just know what we did, didn’t happen because I don’t love your mother.  It happened because you are perfect for my other needs.”  As he’s trying to explain his desires his hand is sliding up my dress and he discovers I didn’t have on panties.  And as much as I was questioning him on loving my mother, he was turning me on rubbing my ass.  He said, “See what I mean, you walk around ready to get this pussy fucked.  You think I don’t love that kind of shit?  You have that nice little walk that just makes me want to fuck you.” 


      I don’t know what came over me.  His hands felt so strong and sexy grabbing my ass.  I leaned over the washer as he propped my leg up on the dryer.  I felt his thick fingers rubbing my clit slowly.  His hands were so big to me.  One finger completely covered my clit.  I could feel his breath all over my neck before he took his finger out of my pussy and began put it in my mouth to suck on.  He whispered in my ear, “This is my sweet little pussy.  I always wanted one of my own.  I’m going to take good care of you too, ok?”  I couldn’t help but give into him again.  He made me so hot.  I never felt a thrill like this before.  He began to ask me if he could fuck my pussy again and oh my God, I think I wanted it more than he did.  I heard his buckle rattling and then his pants unzip.  I was still bent over the machine with my ass up high and pussy spread open.  He took one hand and spread me even wider while his other hand guided the head of his cock in circles around my clit.


      The tip of Bruce’s dick was nice and hot. It felt like a humongous finger gliding over my clit. The drip of his precum is mixing with my juices completely soaking my puffy pussy lips.  Bruce positions his cock right at the opening of my dripping pussy hole and releases the hold he had on my ass cheek to glide his hands up the silhouette of my waist. Pushing my dress up to my shoulder blades, he compliments me on my tiny waist and my smooth skin. “Thank you Baby”, spilled from my lips as I tried to control my breathing. He said, “No Baby Girl, I’m your daddy.”  He slides his large hands under the front of my dress and cups my pointed cone shaped tits in his hands as he begins to thrust his swollen cock up my pussy. Bruce then pulls my dress over my head telling me he needed to see my whole body and he’s been craving my pussy since we fucked a few weeks ago. He was definitely a talker when he fucked and I loved it. He was making me want him. Truth is, I thought about that night everyday since it happened.  I then felt his hands gliding down the frame of my hourglass shaped body and he regained his grip on both my ass cheeks.


      Spreading my pussy wide open, Bruce began to stroke my pussy deep, pushing his cock in more and more, I began to beg him to slow down. He did just enough to tell me I had to learn to take all that cock if I was going to be his Baby Girl …

 © 2011 Nymphoticy


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And remember the second book will be released on February 4th!!!



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